Hello! I’m Jack. In August 2019, my other half (Haz) and I bought our first home together in York.

How we look 92% of the time

It turns out that buying your first home is a fairly ridiculous experience. In summary, you devote several months of your life to being in a state of constant stress and spend your life savings all to end up with a tiny percentage of a relatively modest house. HOWEVER, this is all forgotten when you cross the threshold for the first time into a home you can call your own.

Our place has been unloved for a while so we’ve turned into DIY junkies and spend every spare minute sanding floors/stripping doorknobs/filling gaps in places that we didn’t know gaps could exist. It’s hardly glamorous but so much better than binging on shit Netflix series that Sandra from Accounts has told you that you absolutely have to watch.

How we look the rest of the time

We’ve learnt a hell of a lot during the house buying process and doing up our fairly unloved place and want our failings/frustrations along the way to be of some use. So here’s the story of how we found our place and did it up, along with tips so you can nail life when it comes to buying your first home and making it look glorious without becoming bankrupt 🙂

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